Outstanding Members has hit 7,000 subscribers on Tube Buddy.

We did it!

Thanks to our incredible community of supporters, we surpassed the 7,000 mark at mid-March for subscribers.

Big thank you to all that continue to support and contribute to O$M Entertainment! ✌️

Of course, nobody is sure what the future will hold.  But we at Outstanding Members will continue to bring you the latest news updates, freshest multimedia content, and flyest clothes in the game!  Our team will be ready for anything that comes our way 💪

Without a doubt, 2021 has been a tough year transitioning out of the pandemic.  Our team is hard at work playing catchup and getting in the mix with an upcoming documentary, film, and a roster of new singles and albums with the O$M signature style you’ve been waiting for! 

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who joined with us to continue to push forward in 2021 on such a positive note and to prestart 2022 with our foot on the gas! There is nothing better than seeing our community come together.

As we celebrate the progress made in 2021, we also honor the memory of those we have lost by remaining steadfast in our efforts to remember their contributions and including them in anything we do.

From all of us at Outstanding Members Entertainment, thank you for helping us reach the first of many milestones and achivements!