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Who is Outstanding Members?

O$M is a Multimedia company composed of Film, Television, Music, and a Clothing divisions. Outstanding Members Music been around since the early 2000's tearing the underground scene apart with Music, T shirts, Hats, Jogging Suits, Jackets and Independent Films.
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Welcome To The Future.

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Crew. One thing this Crew have in Common is they all Produce as well as Write and Engineer. Loot G also Film /Edit And do Photography. O$M been on the scene since 2006 and has music sold all over the world. O$M Has fans in the UK, Germany, Africa, Canada, Brazil, Tokyo, China, as well as here in the U.S.A.

This Chicago Rap Group has been underground for a while, O$M has been pushing the brand for years by selling cd's out the trunk, shirts , hats, hoodies, jackets & Shoes. These talented Artist/Producers Loot G, Bmg, N-Doe, Redd Dogg, Mooskie 200, Savage Lyfe, Baby Goat, Chuck A Luck, Lil 40, Lil_Fame, Sleazy Twin and Drillz Millz all can rock the Mic, and drop a track.

This crew has 5 generations of music and is one of the oldest and biggest rap groups out of Chicago in hip hop now. They just going from underground to main stream and there doing there thing wit hit single like, Jiggalee Wit It (Outstanding Members), Cherish Things (Mooskie 200) Vent (Mooskie 200), Drilla (Baby Goat X Lil 40), 1 Hunett (N-Doe) Black Facts (Loot G), Stay True (Loot G X Mooskie 200), Baby Goat (Jig Wit It) Baby Goat (ChiLanta) LIL 40 Krugerman (E.S.G.C.) Redd Dogg (Getting It On)

Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Outstanding Members and their music are paving the way as an influential Hip Hop Crew for the modern generation. Since joining forces in 2006, the members of Outstanding Members have captivated fans with their signature sound and unique performances. You will be hooked from the first note.

Meet the Executive Team

of Outstanding Members.

Loot Gee
O$M Founder, O$M President, Producer, Artist
Loot Gee is an American record producer, A&R executive, music industry executive, filmmaker, and founder of Outstanding Members. He is the current president of O$M Records.
Mr. Money Matters
O$M Chief Financial Officer
As chief financial officer (CFO), Mr. Money Matters is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations. He also oversees and manages all human resources and facilities activities. His career spans more than 30 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy.
Shune Carr
O$M Chief Operations Officer
As O$M chief operating officer, Shune Carr is responsible for the global operations of the company. He brings more than 30 years of experience to O$M. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering entertainment services and solutions, providing outstanding entertainment related products, and driving profitable revenue growth.
Dallas Main
O$M Syndication Coalition Management
As the leader of the O$M Syndication Coalition Management, Dallas Main guide every aspect of clients' careers, counseling them on professional decisions and opportunities, overseeing their day-to-day schedules and activities, and representing their interests within larger productions and teams.
O$M Managment
As part of O$M Management, Tasha is an innovative brand adviser, business advocate, and 24/7 ally, and one of the most impactful professionals in any artist or band's support team, weighing in on every career decision from long-term goals to what's for lunch. She is a liaison between A&R representative, PR agent, business manager, or talent agent in addition to overseeing the artist or band directly and representing the artist's interests with employers.