Baby Goat

Baby Goat

A Born and Bred Southern Boy Bringing The Heat.

A few words about me.

Atlanta rapper Baby Goat crafts gritty street tales and hard luck rhymes influenced by the style and flow of his Atlanta contemporaries and Chicago allies. Raised around drugs and violence, the up and coming lyricist injected experiences from the gritty streets of Atlanta while merging similiar Chicago realities. His latest single is Chilanta with labelmate Lil 40 Krugerman.

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Baby Goat

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Being a Baby Goat means Go Atlanta Hard or Go Chicago Home.

Atlanta rapper Baby Goat is building a legacy career in several genres of rap for himself, working with a large network of big-name labels and artists as well as being a featured artist on O$M Records.  While releasing a steady stream of singles and mixtapes of his own, Baby Goat also contributed guest appearances to tracks by Lil Fame, Lil 40 Krugerman, and Outstanding Members.  

Recent Tracks.

Baby Goat
Baby Goat
Baby Goat
Black as Fuck x So Official Mix
Baby Goat
Chilanta Anthem
Baby Goat x Lil 40 Krugerman

BCG Lil Fame

featured video.

Check out Baby Goat's newest single with Lil 40 Krugerman called "Drilla" hot off the press from O.S.M. Records! Single in stores now and all your favorite streaming platforms!

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Baby Goat


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