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Drillz Millz is an American trap artist/producer/song writer from the South Side of Chicago. He fuses sounds and beats together that can be only categorized as hypnotic "Illinoize", an homage to his home state.

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Drillz Millz

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Drillz Millz Can't Stop, Won't Stop...

Drillz Millz is a Chicago legend.  He first attracted attention for his fearless freestyle verses and insane bars on guest appearances on albums featuring his label mates.

He then experimented with mixing Trap beats with electronic rock sounds while he focused on producing music that made more sense to him as an artist. This quickly led him to a reunion with rapper/lyricist Loot Gee, who invited him to be featured on O.S.M. Records collaborations. The two instantly had chemistry and the rest is history.

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Check out Drill Millz's newest video "Lock Down" hot off the press from O.S.M. Records! Single in stores now and all your favorite streaming platforms!

Drillz Millz


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