Lil 40 Krugerman

A Little Hellraiser From Chicago.

A few words about me.

Lil40 Krugerman is one of Chicago’s finest rising stars coming into his own musically, achieving infamy and success in an unorthodox way — by signing to Outstanding Members Records. Fiercely independent and raising hell, he’s found his niche with his hardcore fans with chart topping collaborations with fellow labelmates Baby Goat, Mooskie200, and BCGLilFame. He’s also intro producting, learning and honing his craft over new beats coming soon in 2022.

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  • 666fans
  • 103releases
  • 10albums per year
  • 50singles per year
  • 22guest spots
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Lil 40 Krugerman

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Long long time ago...

He began rapping at an early age with his late brother.  What started off as mere child’s play developed into a serious musical journey that became a career.  Beginning in the rap game as a “40”, he eventually added “Lil” as a tribute to distinguish himself and his stature to stand apart from the rest. 

Lil40Krugerman is an artist of tomorrow and today.  Words, sounds, ambiance, vision, and scripture keep him in the moment, in the relevance of his generation as he moves forward as a OSM Recording artist.

His lyrics are not politically correct.  His truth is often accused of being a lie.  The words Lil40Krugerman spits on the mic are in the moment, in the right now, and still will be decades from now when his tracks are classics.

Recent Tracks.

Lemon Pepper Freestyle
Lil 40 Krugerman
Shake Sum
Lil 40 Krugerman & Mooskie200

Lil 40 Krugerman


Check out Lil 40 Krugerman's classic rare interview for The Session Podcast.  Highlights include how he's ready to continue on in his career, how he found out about his feature on G Herbos 'Bug' Track off his Album Still Swerving, and much more!

Lil 40 Krugerman

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