Loot G

Loot G

The Visionary That Made Let's Bang A Household Name.

A few words about Loot Gee.

One of the biggest rao impresarios ever to come out of Chicago, Ahad Bey -- known as Loot Gee, then just Loot -- created his own entertainment industry around Outstanding Members Entertainment, with recordings by Redd Dogg, Money, Lil Fame, Mooskie200, Lil 40 Krugerman, himself, and others all produced and masterminded by Loot Gee himself.

  • 125gigs per year
  • 666fans
  • 103releases
  • 10albums per year
  • 50singles per year
  • 22guest spots
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Loot G

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A Man With A Master Plan....

Responsible for over releasing thousands of songs in total record sales, Loot Gee is the sound of rap and hip-hop community in Chicago.  Starting with his first record label Hustleholic Records,  Loot Gee formed his Outstanding Members, metamorphosing the company into a film, record, and television company. 

Born in Chicago, Loot Gee spent much of his childhood in Jeffrey Manor. Already a shrewd businessman doing odd jobs around his neighborhood, Loot Gee early on used his entrepreneurial business sense to launch his rap career, which then gave birth to his first label, Hustleholic Records.  After moderate success producing and rapping for some of the hottest industry acts in the country and procuring his own industry deal, Loot Gee switched gears and created Outstanding Members, first as a rap group and then as a label. 

The hits have been coming ever since.

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