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Savage Lyfe

Showing what the Three Ks in Kankakee are all about.

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Savage Lyfe is a multitalented positive rapper from Kankakee, Illinois, America. Rapping and honing his craft at a young age, Savage Lyfe is one of the hottest rappers coming out on OSM Records.

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Savage Lyfe

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Don't Be Fooled By The Green Eyes...

Savage Lyfe is a young Kankakee stand out that makes party-ready hip-hop and positive rap with an intelligent twist. Wilson’s multi-musical genre infused take on rap stimulates both the mind and body with robust percussion, buoyant vocal arrangements and triumphant instrumentation. Savage Lyfe's music is playful and poignant, a throwback to rap's youthful innocence that’s still ever-aware of the difficulties life throws at you.

Instead of lamenting and brooding in the negative aspects of life growing up and surviving in the hood, Savage Lyfe chooses to bask in the beauty of it, creating worlds of positive moments that get everyday people through the struggles of their environment while remaining acutely aware that it isn't an easy journey.

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