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the official Q&A

How to Get Signed to O$M Records

Think you have what it takes to be the next great artist on O$M Records?

Visit our social media and check out our music.  Learn what type of music we're into and discover new artists.  After that, if you're still interested, follow us on social media and give us a link to your complete electronic press kit.  If we're interested we'll send you instructions for the next step on becoming part of the O$M family.

Please note that O$M Records does not accept unsolicited music demos and we are not responsible for any such artistic material that is sent to us.

How to Get Signed to O$M TV

Think you have the next great film or television show about to blow up?  Submit it to O$M TV.

Use the contact box below to send us a general pitch of your multimedia.  If we're interested we'll contact you with the next steps in our process to see your work on our channel.