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R. Kelly Is Having Sex With Men And Spreading STDs, According To His Brother’s New Song Killa Kelly

The internet wasn’t the only one rubbed totally the wrong way by R. Kelly’s 19-minute, supposedly self-revelatory “I Admit” song that he dropped in July, laying all of his innermost thoughts and realities surrounding his personal life, sexual deviancies and legal controversies out on the table.

The Chicago R&B veteran left nothing unaddressed, such as his heinous sex cult allegations and illicit relationship with fallen ‘90s R&B songstress Aaliyah, and even exposed secrets he’d never touched on before, like his struggle with dyslexia and current financial hardships. Somewhere in the long eight verses of the record, Kelly also put his foot down with a statement directed toward his brother. The Pied Piper doesn’t go into specifics about his dismantled relationship with his sibling, but it’s clear that tension and “differences,” as he calls it, has called a major severance in their brotherhood.

Carey “Killa” Kelly is now filling in the holes on the story of their defunct relationship, and he’s doing so with a gritty, nearly three-minute rap song with a title that spins off of Kelly’s tell-all record: “I Confess.”

  1. The single was brought on by Kelly’s ‘I Admit’ statement, where he shames his brothers for turning their backs against him…

And he even brought their late mother, Joanne Kelly, into it.

“I admit I miss my brothers/ But I admit they weren't acting like brothers,” Kelly croons on the song. “Yeah, we've had our differences/ But you don't turn on your brother/ For nothing, for no one, nada/ Mama, Joanne, is watching/ She must be turning over in her grave.”

  1. It goes without saying that ‘Killa Kelly’ took offense to the accusation and clapped back with some of his own that’s sure to raise many eyebrows…

Whatever hostility the men have between one another is apparently serious enough for authorities to be involved, as Killa Kelly claims on the song that his brother fearfully calls the police whenever they run into one another. That accusation is nothing compared to his next lines though:

“You gave them females some crazy disease, I want you to know that Momma not pleased,” he rhymes across the bridge. In the second verse, he gets even more personal: “Man, tell me how them n***as tight when they all gotta wife/something ain’t right, something smell fishy, what’s going on?/what kinda man want to stay a night in a man home?”

Yikes. Sibling rivalry just went to a whole new level. Hear why in Carey Killa Kelly’s full “I Confess” track below.

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