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R. Kelly’s Brother Accuses Him Of Dating Men And Spreading STDs On Diss Track, “I Confess”

R. Kelly’s estranged brother Carey “Killa” Kelly has raised a number of accusations about his polarizing sibling, including claims of deliberately spreading STDs, blackballing him from the music industry and allegedly dating men.

The track “I Confess” was released Friday (Aug. 3), as a clapback to Kelly’s 19-minute song “I Admit.” On the former track, the shunned R&B singer discussed at length his career woes, including the allegations of sexual and emotional abuse towards young fans he allegedly housed in a cult. In between his confessions about dyslexia and losing his publishing, he briefly mentioned his brothers and their broken relationship.

“I admit I miss my brothers (brothers) But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers (brothers),” he sings. “Yeah, we’ve had our differences/But you don’t turn on your brother (no)/For nothing, for no one, nada (no, no)/Mama, Joanne, is watching (no, no, no)/She must be turning over in her grave (yeah).”

Killa Kelly wasn’t thrilled about the line and released his song with startling claims about Kelly’s private life.

“You see me, you get scared/you call the police,” he said on the nearly 3-minute song. “You gave them females some crazy disease/ want you to know Momma not pleased/Tell me how them n***as that tight and you ain’t gotta wife/something smell fishy, what’s going on/what kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?”

The alleged claims of transmitted STDs go back just a few months to an April investigation in Texas where a 19-year-old woman claimed she was “intentionally” and “knowingly” given herpes during her relationship with the singer.

“Our client was the victim of several forms of criminal misconduct by Kelly, including, but not limited to, unlawful restraint, furnishing alcohol and illegal drugs to a minor, and aggravated assault (via the referenced intentional STD infection),” Lee Merritt, the teen’s lawyer said in a press release. “These offenses occurred while our client was being groomed to join Kelly’s sex cult.”

Killa Kelly’s problems with his brother stem from R. Kelly’s child pornography case where the singer’s lawyer suggested that Killa was the man in the infamous sex tape. He also claimed he was bribed with a record deal and a new home to take the fall in the case.

“I was blamed for the video, and nobody’s saying anything about that because I’m a nobody,” Carey told MTV News in 2006. “No one says, ‘Man, why did he say it’s his brother?’ His attorneys blamed me for the video. That’s the only reason I’m speaking out. They questioned me, and they followed me. I moved three or four times, but that was dumb, me not thinking they, the police, can find me. It was like I had done something wrong—a crime—urinated on a girl, and they treated me like I had actually done it. It was humiliating, it was frustrating, and it was aggravating.”

“You should’ve never said my name in the song n***a,” Killa Kelly said in a separate video about his track.

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